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CyberLink AudioDirector 5.0

Pro-looking audio editor with a wide range of cleaning and restoration tools
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Together with the most common audio editing tools, CyberLink AudioDirector offers you an extensive range of restoration, noise reduction, and audio enhancing tools specifically designed to help you clean up and enhance your digitized tape and vinyl recordings. Besides, this excellent tool will also let you transform vocal recordings, mix audio tracks, and create new audio CDs with your favorite (and now fully restored) tracks.

AudioDirector follows CyberLink’s high-quality interface design and the same level of excellence present in all of their software developments. The program’s dark yet elegant interface will display a convenient waveform graph of the track selected. This will help you perform all the necessary changes and edits with a high level of accuracy, and check both visually and auditorily the efficiency of the adjustments you just applied. This waveform-based track display is of great importance when it comes to cleaning up old vinyl recordings – though pops, crackles, and clicks can be removed automatically in the entire track using the declicking tools provided, professionals prefer to apply such aggressive tools only to those tiny spots where those annoying noises appear. This significantly reduces the risk of removing portions of music that happen to be in the same frequency as the artifacts we want to get rid of, which is especially true when removing hissing and humming sounds from digitized tapes. To make this task even easier, AudioDirector comes with a Visual Repair tool that will show you the frequency spectrum of the track you are working on, and that let you compare the original and the restored tracks in a visual intuitive way.

Once clean and spotless, you can enhance the overall sound of your restored tracks by applying any of the various adjustment tools and creative effects that the program provides. You can equalize your music; change its pitch without any quality loss; add a flanger, echo, or radio effect; transform any voice recording; add silence, or noise, at a specific point in the track, etc. You can also mix your tracks in its new Mixer Panel. Here you can also perform the same edits and adjustments on your tracks in real time, without having to work on them individually in the program’s main window. You can import new tracks and mix them with new tracks that the program can record live for you from any audio feed connected to your system. Here, professional DJs and audio engineers producing video soundtracks can create high-end audio products in all the most renowned audio file formats and standards, including 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound mixes. To help you with the special audio effects, the program offers you an extensive Sound Clips Library with a wide range of weapons, transportation, animals, environment, and sports sounds for you to add to your creative work.

CyberLink AudioEditor is a professionally-crafted tool for professionally-minded sound engineers and amateur music lovers alike. Packed up with high-end filters and adjustment tools is equally valid for engineers working for the movie industry and for those of us who like having a clean-sounding copy of our favorite vinyl-only recordings.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide array of restoration and noise reduction tools
  • Waveform graph for easy editing and visual adjustments
  • Ideal for cleaning vinyl rips
  • Mixer panel
  • Vocal transformation tool
  • Includes a convenient audio clips library
  • Creates audio CDs


  • None
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